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Rotary Midhurst and Petworth

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Message from our President

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Welcome to our Rotary Club. It’s a team consisting of both working and

retired professionals from different walks of life who give their spare time

to helping our community wherever they can especially in the fields of

Youth and Charity. We work hard to raise funds to provide financial help

where its needed most locally.

Our Membership

In the last 12 months we welcomed several new members, and this year

have designed a programme which we hope will be of interest to many

new friends and individuals from other local clubs and organisations such

as Midhurst Green Volunteers, West Sussex River Trust, Friends of

Midhurst Common, The Midhurst Society, Midhurst Tennis Club, Leaping

Hart Archery and Cowdray Golf Club. By the way there are 1.3 million

members worldwide as well!

What do we do to help our local community?

You might see us stewarding a firework night, marshalling traffic at certain

public events or notice our team planting up large flower tubs -sponsored

and maintained by us, or keeping the Jubilee Path Orchard in trim.

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How do we raise funds and for whom?

We have several events that raise funds for our different charities: our

Annual Golf Day attracting 120 golfers from all over Sussex and Surrey,

Quiz Nights, Street collections, and earlier this year an Elvis Tribute night

at the Memorial Hall which was a sell out! All club members participate in

these events.

This year our local charities which are chosen by our President are ‘we

are interim.com’ mental health and Chestnut House hospice. Interim

provides free of charge psychotherapy and counselling support to families

as well as individuals in the Midhurst, Petworth and Petersfield area.

Chestnut House -long favoured by members -is a hospice for children

based in Chichester.

A list of recently supported local charities can be found on our website


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TIn May 2024 we launched a water project in Tanzania. My predecessor

John together with club member Rangesh , spent several months liasing

with other Rotary clubs for funding including the local Rotary club in

Tanzania, to provide a solution to water transportation in remote villages.

A simple but highly effective clear plastic rolling barrel to replace carriers

based on shoulders of mostly women and children over what is often a 10

mile round trip on foot. Best picture herehe ladies of Midhurst & Petworth Inner ​Wheel also do great work in

raising funds for their selected charities, and a closer joint venture ​of

activities is eagerly encouraged.

Finally, if all of this sounds like it is something of interest to you, then

please get in touch .Maybe you would just like to help us in some way for

now or straight-up enrol ,either way then please get in touch as our

members would like to meet you. There are 1.3 million members around

the world waiting to hear about you!

Photo of Sea on Sunrise
Photo of Sea on Sunrise
Photo of Sea on Sunrise

What is Rotary?

Rotary is a worldwide organisation consisting of 1.2 million members. Everyone is a volunteer so any monies raised go directly to the organisations supported. Rotary also initiated the End Polio Now campaign, which began in 1984. We are still an active supporter of the campaign.

Why Join ?

If you would like to make a difference in

your local community, or have an idea for an event, then come along and see how you can help - it is very satisfying having a good time whilst helping and supporting others!

We are a local group founded in 1964, to offer service to the local community and to have fun whilst raising money for local, national and international organisations and charities. We run events of our own (like our Annual Youth Music Festival) and support many local groups by providing teams of willing helpers for their own events. Over the years, we have supported many charities. Each year the President nominates two charities that he wishes to support. During the year, in the event of natural disasters anywhere in the world, we raise monies and give our support.

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Photo of Sea on Sunrise

Our Team for 2024-2025

Council members

1. President - Mike

2.President Support - Simon

3. President Elect - Andrew M

4. President Elect Support - Hazel

5. Secretary - Nigel

6. Treasurer - Paul

7. Community Service Team Leader - Robert

8. Club Service Team Co-ordinator - Andrew M

9. Fundraising Team Leader - Julian

To contact any member of our Team, please e-mail

mandprotary@gmail.com and include the role of the

person you want to contact in the subject line of the


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Contact us

We have 15 Dinner meetings during the year, all on a Monday

Cowdray Golf Club, Easebourne GU29 0BB is the venue for 6 of ​them.

The Greyhound, Cocking Causeway GU29 9QH for the others

Also, we have monthly informal meetings with speakers or to ​discuss Rotary business – this goes

from internal running of the club to involvement with our ​International connections

We arrange a variety of activities – again all on Mondays: eg ​Skittles, Archery, Farm Tours, visits to

local places of interest

Charity support with fund-raising events happen intermittently ​throughout the year

Environmental actions eg Himalayan Balsam pulling on the banks ​of the River Rother are enjoyed by

our members

For information on our programme, please see our Future Events ​page on our website. If you would

like to attend one of our meetings or for further details, please ​email us on: